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I am looking everywhere for her. Every time I turn to see where she used to be… there is this big kid there. There is this person who is learning and growing every day. When I squint and turn sideways I see a bit of my baby, but….Β  I think she will only be in my memory and photographs from now on. A little girl has taken her place. Sure, she isn’t a typical little girl. She doesn’t run or jump or scream "NO!" in my face, but I have never met a little girl with more personality in my life. Her smile is enough to bring a smile to my face on even the gloomiest of days. I will admit her tears and shrieks are enough to raise my blood pressure too though πŸ˜‰ . It may not be all sunshine and lolipops. Some days are hard. Some days I want my baby back. However, when I look at the little girl she has become… I get to witness a miracle every. single. day.
This week was a big milestone. We converted her crib to a bed. The main incentive was a beautiful quilt that a dear friend of our family made. Her name is Janice and she and her husband are two of the kindest people you could ever have the fortune of meeting. We don’t see them often, but I will say that when we do… it is wonderful. They are just good people. If you are blessed… you know the kind of people I am talking about πŸ™‚ .

Hey… but where’s that big girl… oh … there!
and a close up because… well the quilting she had done is phenomenal!
The quilting is extra special because Neil’s grandmother loved all things butterflies. It is truly a work of art. It is folded in half on the crib as well so it will last her for a very long while πŸ™‚ . The best part of all handmade things, at least in my opinion, is knowing that something was made for you while someone was thinking fondly of you. I am grateful that Alyssa will have something tangible to remind her. The backing is equally as gorgeous and quite sentimental!

Now… as I took those pictures I thought she was growing, but then I played with the camera some more. She is a kid. I feel like it happened over night.Β  I took these pics with her glasses off because on our diaper board we are having weekly photo contests and this weeks theme is “eyes” πŸ™‚

Seriously? This smile and exclamation ofΒ “AHHHH” Β in excitement… what’s better in life?

So, she looks exactly like my Neil… I do not debate that! LOL! … but… this is proof she got at least a bit of my mischievous personality LOL!

and this one… well… it is proof that she is in fact a kid now…

All in all… I know I will miss the baby… but I wouldn’t trade this little girl for anything in the world. She is amazing. She is beautiful. She is perfect :-*


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I am a slacker…

Sorry for the delay. It was a hectic last week. Not so much with Alyssa but with overall life. Neil and I have switched to a raw vegan diet for the time being (you can read more about that at http://jraw.wordpress.comΒ if you are so inclined). The first couple days were a write off from caffeine withdrawls! Ha! I feel great now though. More energy than ever! I digress… this is Alyssa’s blog πŸ˜‰

Last Monday we went to her well check. She is doing great. Of course. We really want to get her into more physical therapy and perhaps orthopedics for splinting of her legs. Overall she is making progress daily. I cannot believe how old she has turned in a matter of weeks. I swear I feel like every time I glance at her she is just growing by leaps and bounds. She is learning to communicate her needs on such a higher level than before. I’m loving it. Well… most of it. She still adores her power wheel car and it has really helped her to work on self correcting when sitting. Who knew?

We are going to do a bit of a toy purge this week or at least a bit of a toy hide. Her room has so many in it that it is overwhelming to go play.Β  A lot of them are actually property ofΒ  her service coordinator. Ah well, I suppose they are all learning tools… but they do need to be put in a rotation or something before I yank my hair out by the roots.

Well, nothing else truly noteable. Perhaps a picture before I go? LOL!

A freshly bathed Alyssa. Didn’t even have her glasses on yet. She is so content on that car. The sweater she is wearing was knit by a friend of mine for another friend of mine. Ah, the glory of hand made hand me downs πŸ™‚ I love it!

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Little red corvette…

Ok… so it is actually yellow! LOL!

Yesterday at Alyssa’s appointment she weighed 19.4 lbs on an empty stomach with no clothes on. So, after weighing things for a bit, I asked Neil if we could put he in my mom’s car forward facing. She has been rear facing thus far, and really even if she had been ‘average’ size we probably would have kept her that way until at least 18 months old. After reading up on car seat safety it is amazing how much better protected kids are facing the back. That being said, we cut our teensy 2 year old a little slack when grandma came to pick her up yesterday. Thank goodness, because although sports cars have directions for car seats… I don’t think people actually do it! HA! As hard as it was to get in forward facing, I don’t want to think about what a pain it would have been flipped! Ah well, we got it, and she looked all kinds of grown up with her little feet dangling over the sides πŸ™‚ .

First forward facing ride, in a sports car, going for an overnight trip to grandma’s house… yes… our baby is definately turning into a little girl :-*

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is not your average Joe. We met with Alyssa’s GI doc for the first time today. The first time meeting with any specialist is nerve-wracking. Neil and I have discovered by this point that there is a corollary: The nicer and gentler the doctor… the more snooty and aggravating the staff. Sure did hold true today. Their office has two locations and when I made the appointment it was amidst being rescheduled, them juggling offices, etc. Long story short, I forgot which location and I did not want to walk into the wrong one and look like an idiot. I picked up the phone and called and by the time I hung up I was left wondering if something about my voice shouts “Hi, I am an idiot, please treat me as such!” She was short, condescending, and barking orders. I let it roll off my back and I did a google search for the doctor. The internet truly is an amazing tool. I mean back in “the day” you would have had to find someone who had experience with the doctor. No more! Found a review that gave his staff a 2 out of 4 and him a 4 out of 4. OK, I’ll still go. I packed up Alyssa, myself, and my ID and insurance card that I had been strictly told I would be turned away without.

Now, mind you, our appointment was at 11:10 but we were told to get there at 10:40 for paperwork. I have never understood that 30 minute window that all doctors make you come to fill out paperwork. Perhaps years of college note taking has sped me up, but I have yet to take longer than 15 even while juggling a kid. That being said, we were done and back in our chair by 10:55. Wait. Wait. WAIT. Finally at 12…yes 12… nearly an hour after the time of our appointment and 90 minutes after we arrived…. we go back. Weight, head circumference, etc. Each time that Alyssa has to have this head measurement done by someone new they doubt me when I tell them she is strong LOL! She almost wiggled off the table but her head did grow! 40.3 cm around! It has been at 40 for I think close to a year. That news was quite exciting for me because it is just a bit more proof of all the growing she is doing. The nurse came with us to the room and began asking questions about her history. At that point. I was a little upset. I have Alyssa’s entire history typed up. I offered to bring it and the lady said “No, we will get her info from her pediatrician.” Um. So, instead I sit there trying to pull for dates. Forget it. I told her I’d bring the list to our follow up appointment.

OK, finally. Doctor! YAY! Now, after all the drama of the day (which included losing the top to her bottle on the way from the car to the office and not being able to feed her while we waited LOL!) came the most wonderful time. This doctor … rocks! He listens, he factors, he establishes all the things that he feels WE want to work on as a family. Then, and only then, did he offer suggestions. He feels that due to her frequent choking that she may have a problem with her esophagus that is inhibiting her swallowing and keeping down thin liquids. She very very rarely spits up food unless you give her milk afterwards. He said that she may have silent reflux still and since she is such a happy kid it is easily overlooked. Also, he said that children that ‘microaspirate’ (suck small bits of fluid into their lungs) are far far more prone to pneumonia, and that could tie back to all her drama in the first year. We shall see!

He is running two tests. The first actually has me a bit geeked out. It is a swallowing X-ray. They give her a bit of thin liquid, a bit of thick, a puree, and a solid. Each of them are coated with a touch of barium and they watch her swallow on the X-ray to see what she does. Then, they will run an upper GI scan to make sure everything is how it should be. After all is said and done we will discuss a treatment plan. Best case, they may be able to medicate and stop the spitting up. Worst case, they can go in and put a little ‘pocket’ on the bottom of her esophagus that lets food go in but doesn’t let it come back out! Either way, it will be exciting to finally get some answers! The day started of a bit crazy but all in all he was a good doc and we found the missing part to the bottle on the way back to the car! HA!

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OK now that you have THAT song stuck in your head! LOL!

Alyssa had physical therapy today. She was beyond not in the mood. She would do things exactly once and then act like she had magically forgotten how to do them. Oh, you want me to stand up? Nah, I’d rather sit. Oh, you want me to sit on your leg? Nah, I’d rather sit on mom’s. It was, to say the least, a highly frustrating hour for all involved. She is gaining strength and control each month though and that is exceedingly obvious even on a hard day. She is about one muscle movement from getting herself into a sitting position. I know if she just does it that one time, she’ll be golden. Instead she lays in a super model pose and looks like she is ready for her bikini pics to be taken. LOL!

We go to se her GI doctor this week. I am actually pretty excited. I am hoping he will be able to help us to help her to injest more healthy calories on a day to day basis. I have been putting a tablespoon of olive oil in her night time bottle. (side note: when you begin doing something like this, please take the time to FULLY explain to your spouse. Neil thought I had replaced ALL the water in her bottle with olive oil. EWW! I could not figure out why he was so so very grossed out by a tablespoon of oil and he couldn’t figure out how I thought 4 ounces of oil in a bottle was OK! HAHA!) I figure if nothing else it may help her lessen her need for Miralax each day. She doesn’t seem to mind it and a little oil is good for you!

So, little by little! She is loving her new power wheel and getting really really good at self correcting her sitting in it πŸ™‚ Overall, it has been pretty uneventful on our end!

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but this time as a whole family! My grandmother’s 70th birthday is this week and her sons an their wives put together a surprise party with family and friends. I am so impressed that she was actually surprised! My grandma could have worked for the CIA. She is one of those people who asks you one question that gets you to dump the whole story of what happened! LOL! I swear if I look half as good as her at 70 I will be jumping up and down with glee.

So, we headed up to Apache Juntion, AZ with my mom. Luckily, my mom loves to drive and drove the whole way up! Alyssa did awesome until it got dark and she thought we were trying to put her to sleep. Thank the Lord for the invetion of the iPhone and youtube… and of course baby einsteins! She watched a movie on my phone and was pacified for a bit. We stayed with friends that may as well be family. The kind of people you wouldn’t mind spending day after day with? Yeah, that is how Liz and Mike are best described. They rock!

The day of the party Alyssa had both Neil and I ready to explode after an hour of trying to get her to take a nap. I was worried she would be a bear for the whole party, but instead she was perfectly angelic! It was a great party. Got to visit with family that I had not seen in more years than I would like to admit considering that they are only a six hour drive away. Life gets so hectic for us all I think. Ah well, it was good to see all the kids growing up and nice to get a chance to do the small talk thing. Alyssa was smitten by the pool, the swing set, and the trampoline. She put her feet in the pool and wanted to go all the way in, but it was like the arctic and that was not happening!

This morning we stopped by for breakfast with my grandma and the Baehrs on the way out of town. It was good to have a nice relaxed chat before being locked in the car for hours on end again. LOL. Seriously though we are so blessed in the fact that Alyssa travels so well. She slept through the night each night, was awesome with ‘strangers’, and even did great coming home! Overall a great weekend and a great way to wish grandma a happy birthday!

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