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Alyssa had a great weekend. She was a bit congested but for the most part seemed to be on the mend. Her fever was gone and we talked up school on Sunday night. We got up Monday morning and I gave her a bath, got her dressed, packed her supplies for school, and got her ready to go on the bus. Since I had given her meds a bit later than normal I decided to vent her G-tube prior to putting her on the bus. Her tummy felt warm so I grabbed the thermometer…fever. UGH! I felt so badly. She was so excited to be going to school and didn’t seem otherwise sick at all… aside from a bit of junky sinuses. However, I didn’t want to risk exposing the rest of her class just in case it was something else.

She stayed home and her spirits stayed up. She rested some but was otherwise in a great mood all day. I figured she’d be good to go back to school Tuesday because it was probably a tooth. We put her to bed Monday night and she slept soundly until about 2:30AM. She woke up coughing so I carted her and her pump down the hall figuring snuggle time would make it all better and we’d all get some rest. Yeah… wrong. HA! She felt pretty warm but was easy to soothe so I didn’t medicate hoping the fever would “do it’s job” and kick the tush of whatever was ailing her. Well, just as she started to doze back off she coughed, gagged, and spit up everywhere. OK, clean up, lay down, and try to get some sleep. Only when we layed down that time her arms were super chilly and she started shivering. I ran her a bath hoping it would stabilize her temp a bit but she was still shaking. As I was drying her off Neil said “You don’t think it’s a seizure do you?” … wow… umm it hadn’t even occurred to my sleep deprived self…great possibility. Either way seizing or shivering she was completely not herself. We couldn’t get her to laugh or even crack a smile. I’m not a big panicky and I avoid the hospital when possible, but her lack of response had me in anxiety mode. So, we loaded up and headed down to the ER. I’m so grateful that somehow when I’m freaking Neil is calm and when he is freaking I am calm. It makes it to where we manage to get out of the house with lightening speed even in situations like this. It only took a couple of minutes in the car for the shivers to stop and of course by the time we got there she was bouncing in her wheelchair like nothing had ever happened.

Luckily the ER was empty and we got taken back pretty quickly. Alyssa’s temp was at 105.4… lovely!  They medicated it and then went into the question phase. I think the highlight of the night was the nurse asking “Does she have any medical history?” … I laughed. I know I shouldn’t have, but it just happened. Really? I just pushed her into the room in a wheelchair. Do you not think she has any form of history? Heehee. After getting the most recent history the doc decided to treat her for a sinus infection. The thought is that since Alyssa doesn’t have the ability to clear her sinuses the stuff from last week probably sat and “festered” … for lack of a better word. We usually try to avoid antibiotics but it has been over a year and at this point she has obviously tried her darndest to fight whatever this is off by herself. She is a fighter and holy cow is she ever a trooper. At one point when she had a high fever in the past her pediatrician said something to the effect of “I wish I could video tape her and show people who want to medicate every fever.” Alyssa usually always runs high and you don’t even know until you see the reading and go “ACK!” when you see the number. I mean, this picture of her still managing to find a half a smile…

was with a sky-high fever after just being pinned for a good few minutes while they cathed her to get a urine sample. I swear she is made of pure awesome. I’m such a whiney baby when I’m sick… not her! LOL! Well, OK sometimes she goes whiney but really she’s an awesome kid even when she’s knocked down. It was amazing to me to see how incredibly her comprehension has gone up since the last time we were at the ER. When the nurse got close she looked at me for reassurance, made a nervous utterance, and calmed when I told her what we were going to do. It was… nice. Well, as nice as it could be. We’ve always been the parents who explain things that are going to happen but I’m grateful she’s understanding what we are saying now! Everyone that we dealt with last night (this morning?) was pleasant. The nurse that had to retake her temp was actually considerate enough to wait a bit after the pedialyte hit Alyssa’s system so she didn’t spit it all back up. It’s the little things that truly make hospital visits more bearable. We were in and out of the ER in under two hours… which is AH-mazing!

We got back home about 6AM and we all took a nap. I called Mrs. L and let her know Alyssa would probably be out all week. Such a bummer! Alyssa woke up fever free which was awesome. Neil had called in sick because  driving on next to no sleep is just simply not safe when you drive that far. It was an overall great day. We all just kind of relaxed. Alyssa fell asleep on the couch and napped while Neil and I watched Sherlock Holmes. Sure, we got next to nothing accomplished but it was nice to get some family time during the week. Alyssa and Neil are both sleeping now and I’m hopeful tonight will be more restful for everyone. 🙂 Alyssa cannot go to school until she hasn’t had a fever for two days so here’s hoping it stays away! I know she’s going to miss going when Summer vacation starts in a few weeks and it seems more of a bummer that she has to miss out on it now! Ah well, at least I don’t think Mrs. L is going to make her suffer through too much make-up work 😉 HAHA!!


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