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that remind me just exactly how blessed we are by the people in our lives. Sure I know every day that we are surrounded by an amazing group of people who lift us up in ways that I could have never imagined possible but certain days just shine above others. Today was one of those days.There is something about my daughter that draws in people with the most amazingly genuine spirits. You know the people who at the end of the day you pause and think “How is it that they are so awesome and don’t even realize it?!”

I took Alyssa into school today because there was no bus aide for the AM bus. (Total tangent: I heard an ad by the president today about a site to help boost high school kids with text messages and voicemails to try to prevent the drop-out rate from climbing any further from the average 30% it has already hit. All I could think was “Hmmm maybe if people saw the need to fund schools from jump-start then kids would want to stay.” It’s just loony to me that we are going to leave all of the issues unaddressed until kids hit high school aged…yeah… way to be proactive. OK… I’m stepping off my soapbox now.) A little secret? Part of me is glad for the days I take her in. I have the system of getting both of us ready at the same time down to a science. I even factor in time for a wardrobe change or a Starbucks stop if we manage to get out of the house in the first set of clothes! The drive to school? Is a good time! Alyssa dances and claps to music in the backseat and squeals with delight when we turn the corner and she can see her school out the side window. Couple that with the fact that you get to see a whole group of smiling kids who are excited to begin their day and it really is a swell way to start the morning.

At any rate, I returned home grateful for the positive beginnings of the day… despite nearly being blown away at the bus drop off area. This wind is out of control! I started working on a monster order which got pushed back due to the hectic nature of the last couple weeks. I’m so thankful for the invention of the Pandora app for my phone. I can blast music in my headphones and never worry about missing a call. Today that paid off! I got a phone call from Alyssa’s old physical therapist from early intervention. She had an AmTryke (http://lawtonambucs.org/Amtryke/amtrykes.htm) donated a while back and wanted to know if she could drop it off for Alyssa. Um. YES PLEASE!! What a huge and just astounding blessing. She wasn’t sure if Alyssa was quite big enough for this model buuuut the good news is that it will last her a good long while. Our hope is that after she builds the coordination she’ll have an easier time on her little pink trike as well!

She’ll have an easier time with it when she grows a couple of inches but the foot holsters do a pretty darn good job of keeping her feet in. We are going to order the wrist wraps so that her hands stay on the handles but she really enjoys it. The extra bonus is that you can lock the steering so it either only goes straight, turns 20 degrees each way, or has a full range of motion!

As if the day couldn’t get better after that little excitement… it did. I know I’ve said it too many times already but her teacher is just one of those “right people, right time” situations. We seriously could not have been blessed with someone more perfect to care for Alyssa when we are not. Her outlook, her genuine care, and her ability to SEE my daughter and not see IP… well it just makes my heart smile. Alyssa is rockin’ school despite being a bit more sleepy on her new meds and Mrs. L communicates her mini-successes with such enthusiasm that I can’t help but get excited for Alyssa. It’s the difference between thinking “Oh she’ll never do that, why bother trying?” and “She can’t do it now… but that doesn’t mean she won’t do it after practice!” We’ve been so fortunate to have family and friends that share that line of thinking with us…and I’m so pleased that her teacher is no exception. It’s odd to think that a few short months ago I was so terrified of what school would bring and now I know it is such a shining spot in my heart. I love that sometimes the things that we fear the most are the things that bring us the most joy when they actually happen. Life is funny that way!


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