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and that I have a lot of catching up to do. However, I just wanted to check in and say we are all doing OK. Alyssa is going to ESY (extended school year) four days a week for 2.5 hours and visiting a chiropractor two days a week. We had a rough couple weeks due to a really crappy allergic reaction (which I will blog about later) but things are back on the upswing now.

I try to live for the fact that each thing that happens in our lives happens with purpose. With Alyssa’s allergic reaction came the need for a steroid to cut down the inflammation. The bizarre part was the steroid caused her spitting up to subside. She had the same sheets on her bed for a week. I don’t think that has happened ever in the last two years. Then, when she came off of the med the spitting up resumed. The difference being that we now know that it isn’t an anatomical thing it’s an inflammation thing. There is a delightful place in Spokane, WA that I have wanted to take her called Windrose (www.windroseclinic.com). I have a friend who sings their praises of helping her family to figure out their food intolerances and live a life filled with digestive health. We want that for our baby girl. We want her to be able to walk through life with the highest quality of life that she can possibly have. So, we have made the decision to make the trip up there next month. I’m hopeful. So very very hopeful that they will find the culprit for her digestive issues. They will even test her medications and let me know if there is something in them that she is intolerant of. I’m … hopeful.

It’s 11 days until the 1 year anniversary of her G-tube placement. She has come so far in that year. She is learning and growing with each passing day. We have met people in this year who have changed our lives for the better forever. I’m hoping that Windrose is what I look back on fondly next year at this time. One step at a time. That is all we can do. We conquer the biggest thing on the plate first and go from there. Now that the big issues are growing fewer and further between we are having time to evaluate the stuff that is more simple to glaze over.

I also have the gait trainer on order. I’m hoping it will arrive prior to her beginning school. I’m hopeful that her specialists and I can work together when the school year begins to get her one at school as well. I know my daughter well enough to know that her classmates running through the field will be enough motivation to get her little feet moving. Well, I guess they are not so little anymore. She’s just getting so big. Sometimes when she’s sleeping cuddled up against me I can still see my baby but most days I see a beautiful young lady staring back at me. There is no one more strong-willed… I just wish I knew where she got that from. LOL! Her and I push each other’s buttons like no one else could. It amazes me how sometimes I feel trapped in a different world… and other times I am reminded of the fact that she is so very much a three-year old. She’s growing and changing with each passing day and even though some days I shed a tear about the little baby I’ll never get to hold again… most days I am filled with so much pride about the person she is becoming. Sure… I wish she’d not pull so much hair or go straight for all the things she’s not supposed to when I put her down. However, I love the fact that she knows what she’s not supposed to get into and yet still flees for it any chance she gets.  She’s an amazing trooper and even though sometimes I’m ready for a loooooong break from parenting, I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

So, I’m sorry for the hiatus and I will try to go back and fill in the gap, but for now we are gearing up for a trip up north and hoping that we get some answers that will help her to stop struggling to keep the food in her tummy. If nothing else, we will finally know all of the foods that she is intolerant of! I’m excited to have an official list and not just a guessed about one!


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