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I cannot believe I went this long without an update on us. Talk about slacking. Although I suppose it was less of the slacking and more of the rearranging of life’s path. We’ve not had internet at home since we moved back in the beginning of May. So, that is part of it. Furthermore once I go so long without posting then I feel the need to fill in ALL of the blanks and the reality is… there is just.no.way. Ha!

I figure bullet points are probably an acceptable practice to get everything caught up to date from Feb.

  • After much debate and back and forth we decided to remove Alyssa from her school last year. Her teacher was just not a good fit. I look forward to writting a letter to the school district detailing her extreme lack of compassion considering her position. However, I want to wait until I’ve met her new teacher so as not to terrify her into thinking that I’m not a nice lady. 😉
  • In late April we took an amazing family vacation with my inlaws to FL. We were blessed enough to not only see much of our extended family but also hit up Disney World. Considering Alyssa’s undying love of Micky? That was probably one of the happiest highlights of my entire life.
  • We moved in May back to the other side of the valley for a few reasons not the least of which was to be close to the inlaws. The main driving force behind that? Me returning to work!! That’s right. Miss Alyssa spends a few mornings a week with Grandma Donna and one with Grandma Donna and Grandpa Neil. The super awesome? I get to work for an amazing woman who does nothing but add good to the lives of my entire family.
  • I’m working. Yes I know I covered this in the last bullet. However, after four years of not? I figured it could get it’s own. I’m working as the assistant at our chiropractor’s office. If I had sat and created a perfect job for myself at this juncture of my life… I’d not have done this great of a job. It’s a job that I wake up four days a week genuinely excited to leave for. Coupled with the fact that I know my child is in caring arms when I’m gone and that it has gotten Neil in the habit of once a week adjustments? Well… it just truly makes my heart happy! 🙂
  • Alyssa had an amazing experience at summer school. The staff was kind, caring, and everything I’d wished her teacher last year would have been. Sadly not everyone can be awesome but really all things considered we are surrounded by a whole lot of awesome each day and they were a breath of fresh air after a rough ending last year.
  • Our little princess is babbling more than ever. She’s still our happy lady but now she is just so much more verbally expressive. She says “Hi, Dad.” with a distinct clarity. Alyssa loves that man in a way that makes my heart swell.
  • We’ve settled into our new digs and adjusted to being a single family home again. We’ve found a rhythm quickly with my return to work thanks not only to us but in a large part to our parents being wonderful people.
  • I’m happy. Can you tell? I mean like genuine, deep to the core of my being, don’t have to fake a smile on my face… HAPPY!

OK. Bullets over. Essentially? Life.IS.Good!!! I’d be lying if I said life had been easy from February 2007 to present, but now it is just… exactly where it needs to be. My daughter has an amazing, supportive, and just inspiring support system. We’ve been blessed with people in our lives who make the hard times seem manageable and the good times seem great… so imagine how great the GREAT times feel. We are just.so.lucky. I’m just at a stage now where I’m staying focused on drawing my inspiration from the happy little lady we’re blessed enough to raise. She lives every day to the fullest, enjoys every moment possible, and finds joy in every possible corner it lies. The good days are definitely outweighing the bad and I don’t think I could ask for more than that. I’m going to work on at least weekly updating to help curb the blogger guilt. 😉 After all, at this point? I want to remember as much of this truly happy time as possible. I know it’ll continue for years to come!  What a happy little family unit we have built 🙂

Happy Little Lady and Her New Frames


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