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I am a slacker…

Sorry for the delay. It was a hectic last week. Not so much with Alyssa but with overall life. Neil and I have switched to a raw vegan diet for the time being (you can read more about that at http://jraw.wordpress.com if you are so inclined). The first couple days were a write off from caffeine withdrawls! Ha! I feel great now though. More energy than ever! I digress… this is Alyssa’s blog 😉

Last Monday we went to her well check. She is doing great. Of course. We really want to get her into more physical therapy and perhaps orthopedics for splinting of her legs. Overall she is making progress daily. I cannot believe how old she has turned in a matter of weeks. I swear I feel like every time I glance at her she is just growing by leaps and bounds. She is learning to communicate her needs on such a higher level than before. I’m loving it. Well… most of it. She still adores her power wheel car and it has really helped her to work on self correcting when sitting. Who knew?

We are going to do a bit of a toy purge this week or at least a bit of a toy hide. Her room has so many in it that it is overwhelming to go play.  A lot of them are actually property of  her service coordinator. Ah well, I suppose they are all learning tools… but they do need to be put in a rotation or something before I yank my hair out by the roots.

Well, nothing else truly noteable. Perhaps a picture before I go? LOL!

A freshly bathed Alyssa. Didn’t even have her glasses on yet. She is so content on that car. The sweater she is wearing was knit by a friend of mine for another friend of mine. Ah, the glory of hand made hand me downs 🙂 I love it!


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Happy V Day…

Well, I started slacking on updating but caught myself! LOL! I don’t know why it is so hard to stay on top of things. At any rate. This week was pretty decent. No appointments which was a nice break! We just kind of went with the flow. Did some shopping, cleaned, and sewed some. Spent Wednesday afternoon with my friend’s baby again. Alyssa enjoys her. I cannot wait until she is older and they can play! At this point she just wants to clobber her with kisses…and that can just turn into a slobber fest!

I don’t know if it is just my imagination or if it is reality, but Alyssa seems much more vocal this week. Some of it is good and some of it is mind numbing (why does the human pitch have to be capable of going so high?). I love when Neil comes home though because it is almost like she is telling him about her day. She goes on and on with squeals and shrieks. Even today when he got her up from her nap so we could head out, she popped open her eyes and started chattering away. I’ve been trying to echo the sounds she makes so that she hears them back. Sometimes we’ll get going back and forth and then she’ll just start laughing as if to say ‘mom, quit copying me!’ LOL!

We got out tonight for a “date night” and grandma and grandpa watched her. Good stuff. She was tuckered when she came home but we had my friend’s daughters for a couple hours so they could go out. So, now it is 1022… the kids are gone…Alyssa is in bed. Everyone in a good mood. I think it is time to watch a movie and end Valentine’s day on a nice happy note!

Oooh How about a picture! LOL! One of my dear online friends sent me a onesie a long time ago that says “Somebody in Spokane WA loves me!” and I finally got around to making it into a dress this week. It wound up being a perfect outfit for Valentine’s time and the message is so true :). There are actually a few people in Spokane who love her quite a lot! Thanks Cheryl 🙂 It is adorable!

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Alrighty then…

Saturday morning. Two days since I have written. I am TRYING to not let this slip. LOL. I always start a blog with the best of intention and then let it fizzle. A couple of not so eventful days, but I think Alyssa may be entering a growth spurt or cutting a tooth or SOMETHING. She has woken up between 3 and 4 for the last few mornings. I assure you, I am not friendly at that time of day. Thursday night she even managed to try Neil’s patience….which is a feat… that man has the patience of a saint. We have figured out through trial and error, she is done sleeping in our bed. She used to wake up mid way through the night and we would bring her to bed and she would pass out without argument. Now, it is a HUGE fight. So, we snuggle her for a bit and then when the fight is too much… back to her crib. She fusses for about 5 minutes and is down for the count. This morning she woke back up at 730 and was back to sleep before I finished making her bottle.

Overall, we’ve been trying to work with her with PT exercises. Getting her legs up under her. The thing with Alyssa is if she does it once, she is golden. Once she figures out how much easier something is, she runs with it. So, I know if we get her to four point crawl on her own once, she will master it in now time. Also, feeding is progressing. She constantly wants to feed herself. That would rock, if she fully could. She manages to get the spoon in her mouth, but the getting the food on the spoon (or even little dipper) is a challenge still. However, she gets a bit closer each day. It is a matter of controlling so many muscles at once and I know she has it in her. She just has to figure out which ones to use at what time. LOL.

Yesterday she was a crab (I’m assuming back to growth spurt or teething). However, today she is happy and smiley. Almost time for some breakfast and then I think we will get down on the floor and play. Maybe she will even entertain the idea of playing in the sewing room while I cut out some projects. . . doubtable . . .

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Alyssa woke up pretty early this AM but after some coercing went back to sleep until about 730. We spent a few hours putzing around the house and just kind of ‘hanging out’ before going for our morning walk. She is getting so close to tucking her legs up under her when she crawls. It is a trip to watch each day as she gets *this* much closer. She used to try with the left but always just kind of drag the right. Well, I think the PT is helping, because her right leg is definitely tucking up some. I put her up on her hands and knees today and praised her. She is a total ham and stayed there for quite some time while I played music. We headed out at about 1030 for our walk. She loves being outside. After going for walks for the last 4 days she now sees the stroller and squeals with delight. We did the whole block today and she loved every minute of it. We even got stopped by LDS missionaries and chatted for a bit as she gave them grins.

After our walk, my friend brought over her baby so she could go to school with her older daughter. Alyssa is so funny with her. She wants her to be able to play but being only 8 weeks old… its a bit tough. LOL. However, Alyssa loves to give her kisses on the forehead. They actually napped at the same time. It was pretty miraculous. After they woke up Neil was home and he took over Alyssa duty so I could take care of the baby. Once she headed home, the three of us headed out shopping. It is nice with Alyssa, because I never stress about taking her anywhere. She loves being out. She gives strangers smiles but shys away just enough to where they don’t get in her space.

For dinner tonight Neil gave her beef and vegetable baby food. I swear that girl gets so excited at the sight of food now, you would never know she screeched for a long time when we tried to feed her. When we sat down to eat dinner, she wanted a tostada LOL! Amusing for the simple fact, she doesn’t want to chew! She did however eat some of my avocado and a bit of ground beef. She’s actually starting to embrace texture! It will be fun to see how she does with her cupcake at her birthday party in a few weeks.

Well, pretty uneventful day. However, around here.. we love uneventful! HA!

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